Collections in this service

Name Type Description
HU02 feature Two-digit Hydrologic Regions
HU04 feature Four-digit Hydrologic Subregion
HU06 feature Six-digit Hydrologic Basins
HU08 feature Eight-digit Hydrologic Subbasins
HU10 feature Ten-digit Watersheds
USGS National Aquifers feature National Aquifers of the United States from USGS National Water Information System National Aquifer code list.
USGS Principal Aquifers feature Principal Aquifers of the United States from 2003 USGS data release
USGS Secondary Hydrogeologic Regions feature Secondary Hydrogeologic Regions of the Conterminous United States from 2018 USGS data release
Reference Gages feature US Reference Stream Gage Monitoring Locations
Reference Mainstems feature US Reference Mainstem Rivers
States feature U.S. States
Counties feature U.S. Counties
American Indian/Alaska Native Areas/Hawaiian Home Lands (AIANNH) feature Native American Lands
Core-based statistical areas (CBSA) feature U.S. Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas
Urban Areas feature Urbanized Areas and Urban Clusters (2010 Census)
Places feature U.S. legally incororated and Census designated places
Public Water Systems feature U.S. Public Water Systems
Reference Dams feature US Reference Dams